Episode 011

Ken Shamrock: G.O.A.T. of Mixed Martial Arts


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About Ken Shamrock

At only 10 years old, Ken had lived in a car, robbed stores to survive, got stabbed, and ended up in a boys’ home. Later, he went on to train in Japan and eventually became a professional wrestler and UFC Hall of Famer. His accomplishments include being a 4 time UFC Heavyweight Champion, the 1st UFC Superfight Heavyweight Champion, 4 time Toughman Champion, and more.

What You’ll Learn

  • How he became known as the World’s Most Dangerous Man
  • What saved him from getting into more trouble once he got into a group home
  • Getting a new start; his first experience being look as an individual and not a number
  • How he went from fighting in the streets to fighting in the UFC
  • Dominating the dojo: the work he put in to make himself better than everyone else
  • His untouchable year
  • His rivalry with Royce Gracie
  • The thing that hurt his ability to fight