Episode 036

Marcos Moura: G.O.A.T. of Making Money Through Sales Funnels


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About Marcos Moura

In this episode, I’m with Marcos Moura, AKA The G.O.A.T. of Making Money Through Sales Funnels. Marcos is a serial entrepreneur and in 2018 he was the recipient of the “8-Figure” award by Clickfunnels in recognition of his franchise development work with Amada Senior Care, a franchise he co-founded.  

Having also helped hundreds of entrepreneurs find and start franchised businesses, Marcos is well known in the franchise industry. He’s been featured in publications such as the Franchise Business Review, Forbes, and most recently spoke about leveraging digital marketing to target franchise candidates in front of hundreds at the International Franchise Association Annual Convention.

What You’ll Learn

  • Losing everything in 2008 and how he bounced back
  • The sales funnel that makes him 50 million a year
  • How to use LinkedIn to drive quality traffic
  • Using the right social platform to target your customer avatar
  • Developing a pitch that gets customers to convert
  • Why dialing for dollars doesn’t work
  • Creating the perfect webinar for your sales funnel
  • What tools Marcos uses for his sales funnels
  • The different approach Marcos takes to marketing and why it works